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Fairparker of the Week (2nd May 2018)

And Fairparker of the Week rolls around again. This week’s recipient may be even more modest than previous winners, I was questioned by the winner several times over who may have nominated her, and perhaps there was someone more deserving, but it was an overwhelming nomination.
Claire van Dreumel

Claire is just a bit of a Fairpark legend really. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s met Claire who doesn’t come away learning something. Claire plays in our A Grade team, and has done so for about 5 years now. They’ve won a Grand Final and lost one she tells me, but she sits in an Executive Advisory role for the team as well (Well if you’re telling the MDNA President what to do, that’s what it’s called)

Claire has also coached an MDNA Under 13/3 team (just like me) except they won a Grand Final under her! Her passion for empowering our younger players to find how they can be the best player they can is such a tribute to our club.

This year in particular, Claire’s support for the Squad Training has been invaluable. She has discussed with me many ways to improve on it and when we had to cut the professional trainer time, Claire swung straight into action and now offers skills training straight after professional trainer. She does so much, she won the Best Effort voucher on Tuesday night just gone.

Claire is often to be seen at our selection days and has added an element of teaching to selections that I particularly enjoy. With two small children and her own business to run, we are grateful for any time Claire can spare us.

When you next see Claire, congratulate her on being our Fairparker of the Week and thank her for everything she does for our club. Claire is one of the greats, looking out for the future of Fairpark, everyone loves it!

Fairparker of the Week (26th April 2018)

You may not be able to guess who Fairparker of the Week is straight off – the problem being there just aren’t too many photos of Stephen on his own! Not only that, but whenever we see him, Stephen normally has a cap and sunglasses on!

Nevertheless, the Fairparker of the Week for this week is Stephen Mitchell.

Stephen is a dedicated asset to this club. He’s put this hand to most things, including coaching, facilities maintenance, committee several years running, stepping in when needed in whatever Alycia is working on, excellent observer of the game and the minute Fairpark put in a mens team, he’s first in line.

Stephen is at the courts at the beginning of the day for Tilda’s game, dashes off for whatever sport Jaiden is playing that week, and comes throughout the day as he can. For selections and extra training courses, Stephen is there organising it for all of us.

Quite the smart arse, when asked a serious question about the club, he gives a considered and reflective opinion. Definitely not a ‘yes’ man, he’s just what you need on the committee, and he’s helped tremendously with this first year president. Not to mention, early morning coffee runs.

Next time you see Stephen at the courts, or opening up at Fairpark whenever we need, pass on your congratulations and thank him for everything he does at the club. (Just picture him with a cap and sunglasses)
Thank you Stephen, your shout for coffee Saturday?

Fairparker of the Week (19th April 2018)

This week’s Fairparker of the Week was pretty difficult to get happening. And the recipient isn’t even on Facebook!  Diana Franklin joined Fairpark in 2014 when her daughter Leah joined the club. After being prolific at her old club, in the past year, Diana has thrown herself into several different things around the club to help give back.

Poor Diana is tasked with revamping and redesigning the Fairpark website (to my exacting requirements 🙂 ) as well as coaching our Under 11 Modified team. Diana sits on our committee and is also part of the sub-committee to refine and publish our constitution.

When you next see Diana at the courts (although she’s there very very early for the little ones and back very very late for her Under 15s daughter) make sure you congratulate her and thank her for putting in at Fairpark.

Diana being nominated is a really good time to let all Fairparkers know, anyone can be nominated. They don’t have to be a committee member, they don’t have to have been here since netball was invented, the only requirement is they are a Fairpark member (or family of) and you believe they do a lot for the club.  I only get a few nominations throughout the year so if there’s someone you’d like to be acknowledged, let us know. You may want to nominate yourself, it’s been done before!

Fairparker of the Week (13th April 2018)

So we’ve had a little reshuffle amongst our roster for Fairparker of the Week while I convince my modest nominee to accept, and I am delighted to announce Scott James D’Amico as our Fairparker of the Week.

Scott is a bit of a legend. This year alone, he’s coaching the Open 4 team, he’s on the committee working on facilities and he’s one of the D’Amico taxis for all Isabella Piper and Miss Tanner. As Piper assistant coaches at 9:00 and she plays at 3:20, Scott is at MDNA most of the day.

Always full of enthusiasm, if there’s a game on he’ll coach it, can calculate finals chances in his head and always puts his hand up to help. Scott is also the only man who attends and does our Tuesday Night Fitness Sessions with the players.

Speaking as a first time president, I’ve found Scott to be an invaluable ally to have on committee. Always good to bounce ideas off, he’s happy to discuss and learn things, and he’s one of the people who goes out of his way to say “You’re doing a good job Prez”

All of us at Fairpark are very proud of Scott being a part of our club. Next time you see Scott at the courts (and he’ll be there!) don’t forget to congratulate and thank him for all he does as a Fairparker

Fairparker of the Week (11th April 2018)

Like last week, this weeks Fairparker of the Week is a little bit of a re-run, but what a re-run. There are just not enough ways to thank her for everything she’s done.
It is, of course, the magnificent Monique Carnell. 
After being President for 6 years and a lifetime involvement with Fairpark in a million different ways, Mon is now the Vice President and is still quietly getting it done in the background.
Head of selection (which was really well done this year), Junior Liaison Officer, Presidents Hand Holder* and mother of Chelsea Carnell and Madisyn Rose, Mon is still at the courts a lot.
So next time you see Mon, don’t forget to congratulate her and thank her for everything she does. So much of it is invisible, but keeps the club running.
* No she hasn’t taught me how to hug yet.

Thank you,

Fairparker of the Week (15th March 2018)

When we introduced Fairparker of the Week last year, we weren’t 100% sure it would take off. Turns out, acknowledging all the great people that go into a club is a really popular thing to do and people welcomed being nominated.

This year, we have managed to incorporate a weekly prize/gift to go with the FOTW honour so as a Presidential Decree, we decided if you won it last year, you can be nominated again this year so you can be in the running for the prize!

Anyway this weeks Fairparker of the Week is Lisa Brown.

Lisa has been our Treasurer for ages and this year has moved across to Assistant Treasurer for Julie Chalmers to learn the gig and remains as an important part of our Executive Committee.

But this years nomination came from outside of the club. Lisa is being acknowledged for her tireless work helping Lyn and Jenny at MDNA with getting registrations sorted, putting out little fires of people panicking, encouraging Club to club communications for smoother practices, and participating in mynetball for MDNA so much.

When the President of MDNA tells me what to do, I snap to! Congratulations Lisa All of us at Fairpark are honoured and blessed to have you as one of ours.

Next time you see Lisa at the courts, don’t forget to say hello, congratulations and thank you for all she does.

Fairpark Netball Club

Fairparker of the Week (24th Feb 2018)

Fairparker of the Week is one of my very favourite things about Fairpark and this week it’s a very special honour to award it to the gorgeous Chelsea Carnell.  

When people talk about netball being in your blood, it’s no joke with the fabulous Chelsea. I’m pretty sure, like her mother, she bleeds red and blue. While I’m pretty new to the club, you can see Chelsea is a well respected, well liked highly skilled player.

2018 is Chelsea’s first season playing for our A Grade Team and she’s also back playing for the Open Representative team for MDNA.

To top it all off, Chelsea turns 18 for the opening round.

So when you see Chelsea, congratulate her on being our Fairparker of the Week, wish her a happy birthday, give her cake and presents, and be proud she’s ours.




New Players Flyer 2016




WHEN: Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 

WHERE: Knox Regional Netball Centre

9 Dempster St. Ferntree Gully VIC 3156


Under 11’s 

10.00am – 11.00am

 Under 13’s & Under 15’s

10.45am – 12.00pm

 Under 17’s, Under 23’s  & OPEN

11.45am – 1.00pm 

Team selection is a very complex process and your attendance will ensure this process is conducted fairly. The selection committee will endeavour to make playing with Fairpark Netball Club the best possible experience, therefore your patience and understanding is appreciated.

All teams will be announced in early 2018, with the option of one more team selection day to confirm players and teams. All correspondence will be conducted via email, with news or updates also on our website and our social medias.

Please note: Both of these trial dates are compulsory. If you are unable to attend one or both days, please register your interest, complete the relevant fields and detail in ‘other information’. If you require more space please contact the club via email



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